Internal Rules


Welcome to the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL. Above are our rules so that we can serv you in a better way.



1.1) Check-in takes place between 4:00pm and 9pm.

1.2) Our staff is not allowed to do the check-in without advance payment, or voucher by presenting a travel agency with whom we contract was up.

1.3) On the registration or reservation the guests should provide your identity card / passport to the receptionist.

1.4) Upon check-in you will receive a keychain with two keys: one from the main door of the building and one from the contracted room or, in the case of a dormitory, the key from the main door and a lock for the corresponding room.

1.5) If you lose one of the keys should go to the reception and immediately report the incident, so that we can take the necessary actions and give you a new key to your safety.

1.6) In the exceptional case of emergency you can call the phones available in the reception, for those situations.

1.7) Any change to the schedule must be justified and required.



2.1) The check-out will be carried out until 12:00.

2.2) On the day of departure, the rooms / beds should be left empty until 12:00 am.

2.3) Any change to schedule must be justified and required, and will be accepted if there’s an employee available.



3.1) As a matter of respect and understanding for all customers we ask to pay particular attention to the silence in social areas and stairs, because most of our clients come to rest.

3.2) From 10:00 pm activities importing noise might bother the other guests of the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, are not allowed (Decree-Law No. 292/2000 of 14 November1)



4.1) Any damage practiced voluntarily in the hostel unit, you will be charged.

4.2) The company, according to their severity, will take the legal action deemed necessary.



5.1) There is a complaints book.

5.2) Please, in case of complaint, the employee is identified, the time of occurrence and participate to the direction that should be called to the scene.



6.1) Under Decree-Law No. 228/2009 of 14/07, this company is not liable for the money, jewelry or other valuables.

6.2) The keep of luggage is guaranteed and must be requested at reception.

6.3) Always remind to to close the main door that gives access to the building, the doors of the rooms and make sure that they are properly closed.

6.4) Guests who are not staying at DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL may not stay on site unless requested by the hostel management and with their consent.



7.1) Despite the above, and the general rules on tourist accommodation, is not permitted inside the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL:

a) Smoke or make fire.
b) Change the layout of the rooms.
c) Leave waste on private and public spaces.
d) Ingesting excessively alcoholic drinks on the Hostel.



8.1) Breakfast service is not included in the stay, however, DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL has a kitchen equipped with appliances and all kitchen utensils, as at home, which you can use to prepare breakfast or any other meal during your stay.



9.1) DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL makes available through the web page informations and promotions in progress.

a) Offers and promotions are temporary and subject to the specific conditions defined.



10.1) The cleanliness of the hostel is made every day, both the common spaces such as the bedrooms.

a) The cleanliness of the rooms occupied by more than one night will be between 12.00 and 14:00 if you do not want this service put the information ” DO NOT DISTURB ” hung on the outside handle of the bedroom door.
b ) The towels will be changed only when requested by the guest.
c ) When you want to change a towel, leave it on the toilet floor, in case of room with private toilet.
d ) If the stay exceeds four days bed linen will be changed.



11.1) The reservations can be done by phone, email, on the website or personally and there must be availability.

11.2) The other rules of reservations are defined by the Reservation Policy of DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL.



12.1) The reception consists of a living room with toilet and access door to the kitchen.

12.2) The rules and recommendations governing the use of common spaces are posted in them, namely, kitchen and living room.

12.2) Failure to comply with the rules and recommendations set forth therein shall be subject to the penalties provided for in this Regulation, as applicable (damage, safety, prohibition or otherwise).

(a) In situations not provided for in this Regulation, the laws which apply shall apply.
With the changes introduced by Decree-Law no. 259/2002 of 23 November, it revised the General Noise Regulation approved by Decree-Law no. 251/87, of 24 June. According to Art. 1, this scheme has as its object the prevention of noise and the control of noise pollution, with a view to safeguarding the health and well-being of the population. It applies to neighborhood noise and noisy, permanent activities. and temporary, which may cause discomfort.

In accordance with Art.º 3 e) and f), reference periods for noise assessment shall be the daytime period, which runs from 7 am to 10 pm and the evening period, which runs from 10 pm to 7 pm. this Regulation shall be made of the law that apply.



1. In order to guarantee advance booking of the room or bed, the customer must pay the amount of 50%, until the deadline defined on the email sent by DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL to the guest confirming the reservation request.
2. The reservation will only by confirmed after presentation document of the payment.
3. In case of cancellation, the refund of the amount paid has warranty will take place only if it occurs within 24 hours prior to the date of the check-in.
4. The costs associated to the devolution of the amount paid as deposit for the reservation, for instance bank fees, will be charged to the client.
5. Reservations may be made by telephone contact to the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, internet services.
6. The payment shall be made in cash or by ATM; there aren’t other methods of payment available.
7. The payment of all nights asked is made upon the check-in.
8. If you leave after the stipulated time for check-out, must pay the amount corresponding to one more night stay.
9. If the customer on the day of check-out or previously, decides to stay for more nights on the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL:
a) Must pay for the new period of nights that intend to stay.
b) your staying will only be assured if there is availability for the new period desired.
c) In any case the customer has the right of preference in the request for extension of stay on the DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, over other customers.
10. DOURO BACKPACKERS HOSTEL reservations are made per room or bed in a dormitory room.
11. The amount paid as a guarantee for booking special offer or group rates will not be refunded in the event of cancellation or other change.
12. In case of no-show, the amount paid as a guarantee of reservation will not be returned nor discounted in the stay on dates later than the originally scheduled date of check-in.